Meet Brother John

The Minister of the Norwood Christian Fellowship, John Linden-Cook, is a well known and respected international Bible teacher and evangelist; he is also the Director Lane End Ministries. He has authored four books as well as being the speaker on many faith-building and teaching cassettes. Details of these books and cassettes can be found and ordered on other pages on this site.

He has taught for more than 40 years on the Deliverance and Healing Ministry, Spiritual Warfare and the Second Coming of Christ at Teaching Days, Church and Fellowship Weekends as well as Healing Crusades and Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International Teaching Days. He has been a regular broadcaster on Premier Christian Radio as well as Revelation TV with John Campbell, John has been greatly used in the setting free of those who have had occult involvement as well as those whose ancestors have been into the occult or Freemasonry.

Jesus Christ is central in all of his preaching and teaching and he has been much used by the Lord Jesus in the Deliverance and Healing ministries. There have been many remarkable deliverance and healing miracles evident in these God-given gifts.